How To Use LDPlayer Functions – Simple Guide

LDPlayer is an Android emulator for games. You can install it on your PC to play all the mobile games with it. LDPlayer has many attractive features that can solve all your gaming problems. There are some tips to use the emulator easily and correctly.

How to Use LDPlayer Functions

Keyboard Mapping

ldplayer keymapping

LDPlayer will first have the typical functions of your keyboard keys and the mouse, just like in other games. But you can customize the keys as you feel comfortable with each game. This is known as keyboard mapping.

To do this, simply click on the “Keyboard mapping” icon on the tools bar on the right side of your screen. You can identify it easily because it has a keyboard shape. Click on the “Name” option and the Settings window will open. 

Select the option “Customize” from the drop-down menu in front of “Keymap Scheme”. The functions of the game will be displayed as circular icons. Drag and drop each of these function buttons to the empty space in the gameplay area. Then type the shortcut key you would like to operate it with in front of each. This will change the function keys as per your wish.

Finally, in order to save your work, hit the “Save” button when you are done. Similarly, if you want the keys back in their default positions, click on “Restore”.

Synchronizer Tool

ldplayer synchronizer tool

The Synchronizer tool is a built-in option for the LDPlayer emulator. It enables your activities to be auto-saved in multiple instances. You can open more than one window of the emulator make a change in one of them, and see that the same change appears in the rest of them. You just need to ensure that all your windows share the same resolution before turning the synchronizer on.

To use this option, click on the three-dot icon on the right-hand side toolbar. Find the two-way half arrow-headed icon, which is the Synchronizer, and tap on it. Then click on “Start”. Now the function is on. You can check it and use it until you turn it off by yourself.

Shared Folder

ldplayer shared folder

This option allows you to transfer files between the LDPlayer and your PC directly and easily. To activate this, press the Ctrl+F5 keys together. 

To share the files in your PC with the emulator, click on the “PC Shared Folder” button. Drag and drop your files and media to this folder and they will be shared to the LDPlayer.

Likewise, if you want to share files in the LDPlayer to the PC, you can choose the “Android Shared Folder” button. Open your Android File Manager and copy files to this folder. You will be sharing those files with your PC this way.

Write Script Using Operation Recorder

ldplayer operation recorder

Operation Recorder stores all your activities with the LDPlayer. For example, when you do key mapping, volume change, writing text, etc. it all is stored in the Operation Recorders’ memory.

This tool can be found in the same right-side toolbar. You can also use the shortcut keys Ctrl+8 to open it. Then click on “Start”. The recorder buttons will appear on the status bar at the top. It contains the recording duration, record/pause button, and End buttons.

When you decide to stop the recording you can press on the End button. Then the “Operation Recorder” will appear on your screen. You can save, replay, or delete your recording here. Also, if you want to change the setting of your recording, click on the Settings button at the bottom right corner of the window. Here, you are given many options to change the settings.

Command Line Interface

You can operate the LDPlayer with its Command Line Interface. To open this, open the installation directory of the emulator and click on “ldconsole.exe”. This will open the command prompt. Given below are the commands for each main function of LDPlayer:

  • To launch LDPlayer launch <–LDPlayer mnq_LDPlayer | –0 mnq_idx>
  • To quit LDPlayer quit <–LDPlayer mnq_LDPlayer | –0 mnq_idx>
  • To quit all quitall

Many more commands are given to you in the prompt. Simply change the Name and the Index of each of them as you wish. For example, the name is LDPlayer and its Index is 0.

Change the Language

ldplayer change language

Find the Settings button at the top right corner of the emulator toolbar and click on it. On the left-hand side list, click on the last option of “Other Settings”. Among the series of features there, you will find the Language setting at the end. The drop-down list there will give you many languages from all around the world. Select the language you feel comfortable with and click on “Save”. This will change the language of the full LDPlayer from there onwards.

Hide Key Prompt

ldplayer hide key prompt

LDPLayer usually displays the keys that you can use to function with each part of the game. But many players find it as a disturbance to their entertainment. In such cases, if the players are already familiar with the usage of keys, you can hide the key guidance.

To do this, find the option of “Show mapping hints in game” at the right-hand menu bar. It should be already ticked. You should untick it. Then you will find the hint keys gone away at once. Now you can enjoy the game without your views being interrupted by the keys.

Video Recorder

ldplayer video recorder

When you achieve remarkable moments and events in games, you would like to save it to watch later. To help you with this, LDPlayer has a built-in video recorder. You can start recording your play with just one click.

Click on the Video Recorder button at the right-hand side toolbar on the screen. Then click “Start”. You will get the record/pause and end buttons with the recording duration here too. When you have finished your play, click on the End button.

In the dialog box that appears now, you can replay it, save it, change its settings or delete it as you wish.