iOS vs Android: Which Offers a Better Gaming Experience?

Mobile gaming has reached an incredibly advanced level. Accordingly, it has come to high-definition graphics from its initial position. As a result, the experience of gaming has now become excellent, even when you use small mobile devices to play games.

So gamers constantly argue about the experience they receive through iOS and Android. iPhone users say that they get the most out of gaming. Android users claim they have access to more extensive libraries of games than iPhone users. In addition, Android players say they have access to online casinos too.

However, it is worth asking which operating system is better for gaming. Most gamers expect an enjoyable gaming time. Moreover, the answer might depend on the users’ tastes. But there are certain factors you need to know before deciding your choice. And this guide will help you to get an overall understanding of the subject.

ios vs android gaming

Available Games

Both App Stores provide you with more than millions of apps. And 25% of them are gaming applications. Even though there are more titles, Android users seem more challenging to iOS games. The reason is that Android has more games that have 4-star ratings. On the other hand, iOS users spend way more per person when compared with Android consumers. And that fact makes it more attractive to iOS platform creators. Moreover, users familiar with iOS and Android might have noticed that the upgrades of the former take longer than the latter.

Usually, Apple introduces games to its users a few weeks or sometimes months before. The reason is that there are only two types of users for iOS. They are iPad users and iPhone users. Therefore, making games for these two groups isn’t tricky. However, Android game developers have to consider more than 18 000 models of phones when they design games. As a result, developers have to engage in more complex procedures to deliver games to Android.

Moreover, iPhone users’ games expenditures are higher than Android users. If you want to get the games as soon as possible, you should have an iPhone. Even though it costs a lot, you can have fun before Android users. 


Delayed CPUs and GPUs can cause slow responses. Therefore, if you play high-graphic games, you must have a strong CPU and GPU. And CPUs may vary for Android according to the model of the phone. The reason is that many companies make Android phones.

And slow processors can cause frequent lags when you play games. The same thing will happen if your devices have low GPU. And this isn’t an enjoyable experience, mainly when you play games. Therefore, you must have a powerful processor and GPU to get a satisfactory experience in gaming.

There are many Android manufacturers. So the processors can vary accordingly. However, there is one typical processor. It is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. And it has Ardeno GPU. And the latest version of this is Snapdragon 835. Besides, it powers Android smartphones that are high-end, released in 2017. When you compare the previous version, 821, with the latest one, you will understand the latter is better. One reason is the latest version is 30% better regarding area efficiency. Besides, it is 40% better at saving battery power.

Moreover, Adreno 540, when used for GPU, this 835 version provides you with 25% stronger 3D performance. As a result, your games run at a higher speed. Samsung Soy and HTC are two smartphone brands that have this system.

In contrast, Apple has processors for the products they manufacture. A10 Fusion is the latest Apple processor released by the company.  When compared to the previous version, the performance of this is excellent. As a result, you can play games faster.

Storage, Battery Performance and Customizability

Some games require considerable space from your device storage. And when you have more storage, the games run perfectly. To this end, Android has a perfect feature. Accordingly, users have the option of customization. However, this isn’t the case with iOS. The customization with iOS is minimal. Therefore, Android users have the chance to get more control.

Apart from storage, another thing that gamers are concerned about is battery life. Playing online games or games with high graphics can cause a lot of battery draining. As a result, you may have to charge your devices often. That can be more work and damage to your phone.

iPhone batteries though not as big as Android ones, can give you good battery performance and life. In contrast, Android batteries are more significant, and they last longer. Moreover, you can rely on them when you lay heavy games.

Android is not As Demanding As iOS

Android is preferred by many as it isn’t demanding mainly the requirements for hardware. This means that you can play games even if your phone is older. Or else it doesn’t matter if your smartphone is lower-end, as Android allows you to play games. In contrast, iPhone users should have the latest versions to play games satisfactorily.

More Variety

In this case also, Android is the better choice. The reason is that there are more games for you to select. To find them out, you should search on Google Play Store. And you will see millions of them. On the other hand, App Store has a minimal number of games. Therefore, Android gamers have more options. 

Moreover, as technology is increasingly developing, you will see new titles soon. And in terms of variety, Android remains the best. 


One of the common reasons for gamers to choose Android is its affordability. Accordingly, you can buy an Android smartphone spending less than $200. In contrast, the cheapest iPhone is around $600. Therefore, many people cannot afford iPhones today. And if you find an iPhone gaming with a low budget, we doubt it is possible. 


Security must be a priority when you play games on Android or iPhone. This is more important when you play online games. Besides, everybody likes to play games with a sound security system. So both Android and Apple have good security systems. However, Apple is slightly more advantageous than Android. The reason is that Apple has a connected system because the brand is manufactured by only one company. Therefore, Apple can detect and fix any shortcomings that may appear. On the other hand, uniform updates aren’t easy for Android devices as there are many manufacturers.

Final Words

Many people debate the quality of gaming they can get through iPhone and Android. And both have gained significant popularity among the world population. There is no doubt about that. But individuals have their likes and dislikes, so they select accordingly. Some may choose Android over iOS for the affordability and availability of various games.

On the other hand, one may choose iOS over Android for high-security measures. Therefore, the debate’s winner depends on the aspect you choose to compare Android and Apple. According to the above analysis, you will see that Android has got plus marks being preferable in many facts. However, if you wish to go still with iPhone games, you should remember that not old versions of iPhones support older games. So you must have the latest versions. Other than the high cost and the limited hardware accessibility, iPhone too is an excellent option for playing games.