Is Nintendo Switch Better Than PS4? Lets Talk About It

Nintendo Switch and PS4 are two consoles. And there is an apparent competition between the two. And both these programs are good in their features. Moreover, they provide you with many benefits. For example, designing games, 3D art, and UI. And that is not all. They have many other uses too.

The latest update of Nintendo is the Switch. And the gaming experience you are going to receive from this is lower-powered. But it is versatile at the same time. Apart from that, you can find this program easily for an affordable price.

When it comes to PS4, that is not the latest software by PlayStation under this category. PS5 also has arrived. But PS4 is also worth buying. The reason is that PlayStation games still produce a lot of titles for this program. Moreover, buying a PS5 at this moment is a little tricky. So, PS4 is the viable option for that console group at the moment.

The following sections will illustrate the differences between the Nintendo Switch and the PS4.

is nintendo switch better than ps4

Nintendo Switch vs PS4 


If you want to know the friendlier-looking one between these two, it is the Switch. But you should buy a Switch original with red and blue Neon colors to experience that aspect.

Besides, there are several parts to Nintendo Switch. One is the control panel. And there are two connective Joy-con controllers. And also, the Switch Dock is there. This Dock allows you to play your favorite games on an individual display.

On the other hand, black or white are the colors of PS4. And you will see black ones more than white ones. In addition, it also has a well-classified design. And that makes this console look smarter.

Out of these two, PS4 and Switch, you can use only the latter for mobile play. Besides, it is light and portable. But PS4’s design is much more significant. 


It would help if you had a power bank or a transportable generator to supply power for PS4. The reason is that PS4 is a DC-only control panel. However, the battery life of the Switch is between 4.5-9 hours until you charge it after one charge.


The better display facility is with Switch. It has a fixed 6.2-inch 720p LCD. Moreover, there are alternative models as well.


There are joy-con controllers with the Switch. These controllers are all-round. So it can perform as a fully-featured controller. Or else, they can act as motion controls. That is not all. It can function as two individual controllers with the assistance of one single joystick. Moreover, they have facilities enabling you to play games and other things.

On the other hand, there is Dualshock 4 on PS4. And it is different from the previous one we discussed. But in terms of specialization, it is excellent. There are face buttons and shoulder buttons that come with a combination. Even though it has motion control abilities, you rarely find PS4 games that use them.

Moreover, this PS4 controller has a touchpad fixed in its center. So you can use this as an additional button. But it depends on the game you play. There is a light bar’ at the controller’s rear side. And this bar shows different colors when specific actions happen in the game you are playing. Apart from that, there is a headphone jack on the front side. And you can use this to play your games silently.

The methods of charging these controllers are also different. To charge the Joy-Cons, you have to connect them to the Switch. On the other hand, you can charge the DualShock 4 with a USB port. And it should be a micro USB port.


The PS4 was released a few years before the Nintendo Switch. However, the PS4 is still the best in terms of computing power. And you will understand this if you can look at the game graphics of these two systems. The accuracy level of PS4’s graphics is higher. Besides, if you come across a PS4, you can better understand what we discuss here. This program offers you extra processing power. And it gives a game output in 4K. 


The available choice for gamers is Nintendo Switch. There are reasons for this choice. One is the family-friendly nature. In addition, you can get the experience of multiplayer gaming. On the other hand, PS4 targets a committed online audience. And this audience includes more mature players.

Moreover, the designs of the games for these two programs are twofold. The format for the Switch is a Game Card design. And it is unique. On the other hand, PS4’s design is Blue-Ray discs. And the common feature is both these programs encourage download-only games.

Moreover, there is a difference in onboard storage between these two. So the default capacity of the Switch is 32GB. But it allows storage up to 2TB if you insert a microSD card. On the other hand, PS4’s default storage is 500GB. Sometimes it could even be 1TB. However, it depends on the model. And that, too, can be extended using an external USB.


The experience with PS4 is undeniably something beyond usual gaming. When you use PS4, you can select and download streaming apps. These are music and video apps. This program also allows you to connect to various streaming services. These services will enable you to play video games with other gamers.

And a YouTube application is available with Nintendo Switch. And you won’t be able to receive much entertainment if you attach it to your television.


The starting price for the Nintendo Switch is $299. And there is a Lite version costing $199. There is the OLED model that is expensive, costing $349.

The starting price of the PS4 is $400. And this was the price they introduced at the very beginning. Currently, the prices have changed because of the updates and new features. Moreover, the price change happens due to scarcity too.

Moreover, regarding the price, the availability of these two becomes a question. The Nintendo Switch can be approached as there are regular restocks. But the case is different with PS4. Even though they still produce PS4, finding it for your purpose might take a lot of work. That is because PS5 has already arrived. And that, too, isn’t easy to get a hold of.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, there are no clear winners of this battle between the Nintendo Switch and the PS4. They are not just machines for you to play games. The experience is something beyond that.

Not to leave you in doubt, we’d say which is best for what. So the Nintendo is a good option for playing many games with motion controls. Moreover, it is the only design that encourages you to have a portable gaming experience. Furthermore, Nintendo is a current-gen control panel and will have more games in the future.

On the other hand, PS4 is declining, so only a few games aim for this console to run. But its collection of games is still incredibly vast. And most of them are far better than the ones in the Switch. Apart from that, you can get an experience beyond gaming using this console. However, finding this to buy is something that requires more work now.

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