LDPlayer Download for Windows 11/ 10/ 8/ 7 and Mac

Just do LDPlayer Download for your Windows PC or Mac Computer to play Android games and run apps conveniently.

Many people are using mobile phones to play Android mobile games. But because the quality of some games is high and the system requirements of the phone are not compatible with the games. Therefore many gamers like to play these games on Windows or Apple macOS computers. But these Android games are to play on Android OS. So they cannot be run on Windows or Apple operating systems. You have to prepare the computer for that to run such games. There is a special kind of software called an emulator for that.

Emulator creates an environment where your Windows or Apple computer can play Android games. LDPlayer takes a special place among these emulators. LDPlayer Download developer is XUANZHI, a Chinese games, and software development company. This LDPlayer  Download is working as an Android Virtual Device or AVD on the PC. By now, several versions have been released here, of which versions 4 and 9 are more popular. You can get this emulator for free from our website.

LDPlayer Download For Windows

LDPlayer_9.0.66 (651MB)

LDPlayer 5_64bit v5.0.11 (334.4MB)

LDPlayer 5_32bit (Online Installer)


You can get LDPlayer Download latest version for your Windows computer from the official website as well as from our website. Follow the steps below for that.

  1. First, visit this web page through your web browser.
  2. Click the Download button for Windows computers here.
  3. Now, wait until the LDPlayer download is complete.

Then, you can install this emulator on your Windows computer. Do the following steps to complete that installation.

  1. Access the downloads folder from your browser.
  2. Double-click the downloaded exe file and launch it.

Now, wait until the installation of LDPlayer Download is complete. It takes a few minutes. Finally, it will be successfully installed on your Windows PC. Now click the application shortcut on your desktop and open it. With that, you can search, install, and play the games you want through the home page of the application and adjust the settings as needed.

ldplayer download

LDPlayer Download For Mac

As with Windows computers, you can download and install the latest version of LDPlayer Download for free from this website. Please use the following steps for that.

  1. First, access our website from the web browser on your Apple macOS computer.
  2. Click the download button related to the LDPlayer for mac section on this web page.
  3. Now the file is downloaded to your mac computer.

Then follow the correct steps below and you can install LDPlayer Download.

  1. First, open the downloads folder of the browser.
  2. Double-click the dmg file there and run it.
  3. Now the application will start to install on your mac computer.

After it is installed, open LDPlayer from the shortcut on the desktop. Then you can search and play android games from the browser that opens.

LDPlayer 9

ldplayer 9 download

LDPlayer 9 is the most popular of the two main versions. Because this version is very lightweight and has the best performance, many computer game players use it. 9 has reduced the loading time of games. Therefore, you can load the game in less time and play it quickly. Graphic rendering technology is very powerful in this LDPlayer Download 9. Therefore, it will help you to play any mobile game with keeping the frame per second or FPS value at 60 with 9. But it only costs you a low resource usage. 9 allows you to run and play Android 9.0 and above games, so you can play newly released Android mobile games.

While using the Google app store, LDPlayer 4 version shows a high CPU consumption, but LDPlayer Download 9 shows a low CPU consumption. When games and apps process, the CPU and RAM are running at a very high value. Because of this, when playing games, the CPU and GPU need to work well, so most of the RAM is working more. But if the RAM is not enough to keep the computer at a good working level, all the open apps and programs will be closed by the operating system. It is annoying for you to have this happen while playing a game. LDPlayer 9 has the ability to prevent this from happening so you can play mobile games with less RAM consumption.

If you want, you can record the games you are playing through this LDPlayer Download. 9 is available in both 32bit and 64bit versions, so you can download the version you want. If you are already using version 4 or are looking forward to using a new emulator, you can download LDPlayer 9 for free from our website to get the best game experience.

LDPlayer 4

ldplayer 4 download

LDPlayer Download 4 is the version that came before the release of 9. This is the best emulator with the fastest and highest performance among Android Gaming platforms developed for Android 7.1.2. Due to the optimized features and new design, it is more suitable for playing mobile games on the computer. It is designed to suit Android 32-bit system as well as 64-bit, so it has the ability to play many new android games. To increase the gaming performance, the kernel version has also been upgraded, so you can play games through the computer at a speed that is 6 times faster than usual.

Here are some special features of LDPlayer Download 4

Ability to customize wallpapers

Another new feature of LDPlayer Download 4 is the ability to customize wallpapers. Through that, you can apply your favorite wallpapers to the background of the emulator. Go to emulator settings and you can add any wallpaper available on your computer. 

The user interface

The UI of LDPlayer Download 4 looks simple so anyone can use it. You can use it to create shortcuts for different commands and change settings very easily.

Customize CPU and RAM

Depending on the performance of your computer, the ability to play games with an emulator will decrease or increase. When playing high-performance games, you can customize the CPU and RAM to match the best graphics and highest FPS through LDPlayer Download 4.

Landscape mode

Can get better graphics by playing some portrait games in landscape mode. For that, here you can use the Lock landscape option.

Gamepad Support

If you play Android mobile games through the computer using game controllers, LDPlayer Download 4 allows you to connect such gamepads and controllers. For that, connect your game controllers to the computer via USB or Bluetooth and switch it to Android mode. Then go to LDPlayer 4 settings and you can turn it on.

You can easily play many mobile games like Clash of Clans, Free Fire, RAID: Shadow Legends, Arknights through this LDPlayer Download 4.

You can now download LDPlayer Download 4 for free from our website for lower CPU usage, lower RAM usage, better graphics, and higher gaming performance.

Final Words

LDPlayer Download is an emulator software. You can use it to play Android mobile games on Windows or Apple macOS computers. Compared to many other emulators, the latest mobile games can play on with the special features of LDPlayer Download. The two latest versions of the program are version 4 and 9. The version 4 supports the Android 7.1.2 platform and 9 supports the Android 9 platform. Among these, 9 has more features and higher performances, so you can get the best gaming experience by using it. You can now download 4 or 9 for free from our website.