DK Mobile: Genesis Beginner Guide and Gameplay

DK: Mobile genesis is a role-playing game. This game allows gamers to design a character themselves. To that end, gamers can use a class this game introduces according to their wishes. And the procedure to make this character isn’t easy. Therefore, it isn’t dull either. So you will encounter battles at every phase you go through. Accordingly, there are several games and methods to power up the character you made, and there is a lot more to do. Therefore, you need a better guide and knowledge before playing this game. That is why we are here to assist you. So this guide will help you to go through this game step by step.

After following this guide, you will understand how to choose a particular class to design your character. Moreover, we will cover the battles you are going to face.

dk mobile genesis

Selecting the Class For Your Character

The first thing a gamer must do when they enter the game is creating a character. And when you do this, you must select a class for that particular character. So there are five classes in this game. They are Paladin, Warrior, Archer, Warlock, and Sorcerer. Among these classes, you can select anyone to build your character.

The skills and the particular fields encouraged by these classes vary from each other. Therefore, it is up to you to analyze and decide which character is best for you. Since you must have a clear idea about these classes, we have included a detailed explanation in the following sections.


One of the most crucial aspects of a Paladin character is the character’s holy quest nature. And this class has defense skills more suitable for a defender. Therefore, you will face difficulties in handling those skills. But that is normal. So even a beginner to DK Mobile: Genesis beginner can adapt to this game easily and quickly.

Moreover, there are many attacking skills in this game. And they are in good status. As a result, gamers can use strong attacking skills in battles.


Paladins are experts in defense skills. But warriors show a passive attitude instead of being aggressive. And that is better than offense. However, the Warrior kit is offensive. With enormous weapons, they can handle much damage to many enemies just with one swing.

This class is good when you have to damage the enemies significantly. And this happens through solid melee attacks. Moreover, this class too has defense skills. And those skills make your character stronger against the enemy. However, any obstacle you will face in handling this class isn’t difficult. Therefore, many beginner players opt for this class.

Accordingly, if you like a class that allows you to kill enemies through melee attacks, the Warrior class would be the ideal option.


We discussed offense and powerful defenses in the previous two classes. The rest of the classes, including the Archer class, deal more with damage that happens during the games. But the methods can change according to the class. So Archer is the only extended physical DPS in DK Mobile: Genesis beginner. And that can be reached through powerful bows to release a sequence of significant shots and controls to cut down enemies where they stand.

Moreover, Archers are direct play. You have to aim at your enemies and shoot. They will be instantly down.


There are two spellcaster classes in DK Mobile: Genesis. And Warlock is one of them. This class’s kit involves powerful curses and effects that debilitate the effects of enemies. After you reduce the impact of enemies like that, you can finish them with impressive skill. The characters you make through this class have powerful spells to fight. But it also provides an additional boost to teammates.

When compared with other classes, Warlock is easy to deal with. This would be the most suitable if you love playing games involving spells.


Even though the previous Warlock class is straightforward to play, Sorceress in DK Mobile is more complex. The reason for that is it is easily prone to damage. It is because there are no good health or satisfactory physical defenses. However, this difficulty only lasts until players get used to the battle in this game. After you know all the mechanisms, Sorceress is the most powerful class you will find. This class contains powerful spells that calm your enemies down instantly. Accordingly, this class is most suitable for more experienced players. It is going to be challenging. But it will be more rewarding than other classes we have discussed.

Can You Play This Game Using Multiple Classes at the Same Time?

So the previous sections elaborated on classes one by one. Therefore, you can decide which class to choose. However, we know that even after reading them, some gamers might need guidance regarding which class to select. So you can solve this question if you use BlueStacks. It is a famous emulator used in gaming. You can choose multiple classes together by using the Instance Manager option. So you don’t have to live in indecisiveness. This Instance Manager feature enables users to create various occasions. Accordingly, you can play even multiple games at the same time. For DK Mobile, this allows playing with several classes simultaneously.

Runes and Effects

Runes are vital to power up the characters’ activated skills. Apart from that, they are essential to improve specific character statistics. There are different varieties of runes: Common, Premium, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


Battles are a significant part of these games. So when you fight with enemies, you should know how to handle this character you build up.

The common enemy is wild animals and other types of enemies. So to win, you have to fight against those animals and other possible enemies. To your assistance, there are two options: auto–hunt and auto-battle. And you can use both, and the characters can move automatically. And when you use the auto-battle option, your character can fight without your command. To that end, the character will use the unlocked skills.

Moreover, there is an option called auto-hunt. So when you use this, the character can fight against the animals even when you don’t command them. The character performs automatically. Moreover, you don’t have to do all these if you have a joystick. You can control your characters from it.

However, you cannot only win a battle with these auto options. To succeed, you must have advanced features.

Final Thoughts

If you were searching for DK Mobile: Genesis beginner needing to learn about it, we hope this guide covered all your doubts. It is about five different classes that you must be aware of. Those classes offer you an opportunity to create characters for this game. Accordingly, these five classes show both similarities and differences. And it is essential to select a class you are more interested in. There are classes more suitable for beginner players and advanced players. So if you belong to the former category, you have to be selective in the classes you go for. Each has unique fighting techniques and excellent features. So now you should be able to decide on your preferable class. And if you want to experience multi-class gaming, we have explained how to do that as well.