How Can I Run Android Apps On Mac?

Android apps aren’t inherently supported on macOS. But that doesn’t mean you cannot run Android apps on a Mac. So you cannot just sit and wait after downloading an Android app to Mac. To run it, you should get supportive software. This supportive program is called an emulator. So it would be best if you got an Android supportive software to run Android apps on a Mac. This software’s function mimics the Android OS on Mac. As a result, Android apps can run on it. And this article will guide you to install this supportive software and enable Android apps on your Mac.

how to run android apps on mac

How to Select an Android supportive software

When you come to this topic, you have got several choices. If you are knowledgeable about modern technology, you might be interested in software you have more control. And some people are developers of Android apps. And they use their mac for that. So, it would be better to have good development functionality in such an instance.

Now, we will show you how to install supportive software on mac. To that end, we will be using an emulator that matches with Android, BlueStacks. There are tons of Android emulators, so you have several choices. This program came very early to this domain. And it is easy to use. Moreover, it undergoes updates to match modern requirements. Therefore, you can trust BlueStacks on your mac.

Why Do You Need to Run Android App to Mac?

There are several instances of why you would need to run Android apps on a Mac. The following is a list of such cases. 

  1. You need to enjoy gaming on your mac’s bigger screen. 
  2. Receiving a good performance for Android apps than Mac. 
  3. To get apps that usually aren’t available for mac and improve the functionality. 
  4. If you have an Android phone, you may want to experience the convenience of a bigger screen on a Mac. 
  5. If you are an app developer, you might want to take complete control of the procedure using your mac.

Installing BlueStacks and functioning Android apps on a Mac

Remember, we are taking BlueStacks as it is common. But you have other options to use as supportive software.

So if you install BlueStacks, having a mac Operating System, Sierra, or the version above is essential. Initially, the mac Operating System, Big Sur couldn’t match this program. But now BlueStacks supports it. For this, your RAM and disk space should be 4GB each. And if your device is an older version (say 2014 or before that period), its graphic cards won’t be powerful to accept Android apps.

And also, having your own google account is a must for BlueStacks to function perfectly. So as a prior requirement, you must make a google account too.

As there are many versions of BlueStacks, you should be aware of the current version. Accordingly, BlueStack’s 4th version is the most suitable one to run Android apps on a Mac. And fifth also has come to the field.

Once you satisfy all these requirements, you can perform the following steps to continue this process.

Installing BlueStacks

  1. First, go to the download page of BlueStacks. And click on the setup file for downloading (double-click). This file will appear with the extension .dmg. 
  2. Now you will see an application. And there will appear the logo of this software. It would help if you double-clicked on it. 
  3. Next, tap the option “Install now”. It appears in the app window’s bottom. 
  4. And sometimes, you will get a popup message “System Extension Blocked.” If that happens, tap the button “Open Security and Privacy.”
  5. Click “Allow.”

After all these steps, the process of installation will continue.

After this process, the functioning of Android apps on a Mac is super easy. Once BlueStacks is properly installed, you can go to the Play Store. Now start downloading apps.

Other Common Android Emulators for Mac 

Ko Player

This software is easy to use for functioning Android apps on your Mac. Apart from helping play Android games on mac, even the content makers benefit from this. Fo software example, Twitch streamers get many benefits from this.

The benefits of this program include recording the video while playing the game. And you can upload the same on a platform. Apart from that, the Android games and apps that match this program are in a wide range. Most importantly, it has a user-friendly interface.

However, this program isn’t without some limitations. One is a bug issue, as several of them have been found. And if you play heavy games, you might go through lags.

ARC Welder

This software is a Google-developed program. And it supports Mac systems in Android apps. Moreover, this process happens through Chrome. But the limitation of this program is it doesn’t help many Android apps. But if you want to run lightweight Android apps on your mac, this program is enough.

Bliss Emulator

This program is open-source software that you can use to function Android apps on a Mac. The best qualities of this program are customization options and a user-friendly interface. Apart from that, there are high-security features. Besides, the ability to power save while Android apps run on mac is also admirable.

However, this program, too, has limitations. As usual with other programs, this also has lagged. And you will also have to face bugs. 


Android is a Linux-based operating system. Therefore, users can install Android apps on a Mac. To that end, emulators like VirtualBox have become an enormous relief. The programs like VirtualBox are virtual machines that give space for Android to run on Mac. The significance of the VirtualBox program is that once you install this, you have better control. Thus, you can use Android apps on a Mac without much trouble.

We call the experience this software gives you a pure Android experience. However, this program doesn’t provide a complete environment to run Android games or apps. Even though you can accomplish this objective, you have to deal with bugs too.

Best Method to Function Android apps on a Mac

There are many ways to reach this goal, including using a suitable emulator. But, most of these methods have several issues, such as bugs and lags related to performance. But there is an exception. It is AirDroid Cast.

This program is a perfect solution for functioning Android apps on your mac for its comprehensive suitability. For this procedure to happen, you should screen mirror your phone. By doing so, you can run any Android app on a mac.

Moreover, you can have an excellent gaming experience through AirDroid Cast. To that end, you must control your Android phone through this app. So if you want to run Android apps without a single issue, we recommend this perfect app. 


You will find more than 3.48 million Android apps on the Play Store. Therefore, there is no wonder why people seek methods to run Android on mac. And these platforms are run by two companies, Android by Google and Mac by Apple. Thanks to the technology today, you don’t have to worry if you come across this problem. There are multiple emulators through which you can run Android apps on a Mac. Above are some of the best Android-supportive software to run Android apps on a Mac. BlueStacks is one of the most accepted software for this purpose. You might have different objectives for functioning Android apps on a Mac. Whatever it is, now you have got complete knowledge about the topic.